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On-Demand Webinar: Evidence Meets Innovation in AI

On-Demand Webinar: Evidence Meets Innovation: The Crucial Role of Clinical Research in AI Development for Behavioral Health

It’s time to demand more from the vendors developing behavioral health AI technology. There’s a troubling trend in behavioral health tech: the race to innovate often outpaces the evidence backing the tools being placed in provider hands—tools that ultimately impact client care. That’s why any healthcare tech solution—especially emerging AI tools—should be firmly anchored in […]

Training Therapy Students on AI Technology

Study Supports Training Therapy Students on AI Tech Like Eleos

Everyone knows the pandemic forced wider adoption of all things digital. While the jury’s still out on some of the technological mainstays resulting from that shift—lookin’ at you, QR code menus—the benefits of many now-ubiquitous conveniences are hard to ignore. In the healthcare space—particularly behavioral health—technology has flourished in the wake of long-gone social distancing […]

CIO Summit 2024 Recap

Where Behavioral Health CIOs Stand on AI in 2024

Healthcare IT leaders are some of the biggest unsung heroes in the biz. (Okay, as a tech company, we might be a bit biased, but hear us out.) The healthcare industry—and behavioral health, specifically—is notoriously “left behind” on the tech advancement curve. As the speed of innovation has accelerated, the gap between tech-at-large and healthcare […]


AI and Patient Engagement: A Behavioral Health Technology Solution for the Future (and the Present!)

Your behavioral health technology stack should be bigger, they said. You should use technology to make your life easier, they said. Technology is going to clean up all of your inefficiencies, they said. Technology A solves for problem Z. And Technology B solves for problem Y. But unfortunately, the developers of Technology A and Technology […]

On-Demand Webinar: Tackling Workforce Challenges in Behavioral Health: How Organizations Are Using AI and Patient Engagement Tools to Reduce Admin Burden

It’s time to create a better telehealth experience for providers and clients alike. Virtual care has opened a world of possibilities for behavioral health access, convenience, and consistency. But it also comes with challenges—especially with respect to client engagement. In this webinar, we explored how combining the power of AI along with innovative patient engagement […]

Coleman Health Services Slashes Documentation Time by 70% with Eleos

For the leadership team at Coleman Health Services, people are the number-one priority. They believe the best way to ensure clients receive top-notch care is to keep providers engaged and satisfied. But with mounting documentation requirements, they needed a new way to stay on top of paperwork—and thus avoid burnout, delayed notes, and compliance issues. […]

On-Demand Webinar: It All Adds Up: Eleos Augmented Intelligence + Welligent EHR = A Better Provider Experience

It’s time for a better documentation experience. Workforce shortages, compassion fatigue, and ever-increasing workloads pose serious challenges for behavioral health providers. Now, more than ever, organizations must find the right tools to enhance clinical workflows and unify these tech systems to alleviate provider burden. In this on-demand webinar, we explore how leveraging the power of […]

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