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Eleos Outreach

Optimize community outreach programs with AI.

Simplify on-the-go documentation for field-based providers and case managers who don’t have regular access to their EHR. Eleos Outreach uses sophisticated, purpose-built AI to help providers document efficiently from any device—reducing administrative work and helping ensure every billable service is recorded and submitted.

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Automate CareOps. Expand care access.

With a CareOps Automation solution like Eleos Outreach, behavioral health organizations can empower field-based providers to maximize their reach in the community. By relieving providers and case managers from endless paperwork, Eleos Outreach helps alleviate burnout and reduce turnover—ultimately helping organizations serve more clients in need.

How Eleos Outreach
Helps Field-Based Providers

Eleos Outreach is an intelligent, web-based documentation application that makes it easy for field-based case managers and community outreach providers to document on the go.

Simplify on-the-go documentation with a mobile-first AI platform.

Reduce documentation work by 80% for providers on the go. They’ll receive a daily text with a secure link to the Eleos Outreach mobile application, where they simply follow the built-in prompts to generate a note after each session.

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Send notes to your EHR instantly with a seamless, secure connection.

Improve note submission time 64% by transmitting completed notes to the EHR in real time. As soon as a provider completes a note in Eleos Outreach, it’s automatically sent to the EHR for submission. Easy peasy.

Meet providers wherever they are with a modern, flexible application.

Delight field-based staff with a modern, mobile-first application that works the way they do. With Eleos Outreach, providers have the flexibility to complete their notes from any Internet-connected
device—with top-level security features built right into the app.

Protect and grow revenue with built-in quality and compliance tools.

Reduce revenue lost to undocumented billable activities by helping field-based providers complete their notes quickly, accurately, and with the required clinical language—no matter how short the session was.

Trusted by thousands of behavioral health providers

“I wish all new technology implementation was this easy.”

Amanda Rankin, COO, Trilogy

“Eleos makes clinicians’ job better, it makes their job doable, and it makes the job that I think they’re doing—that I’m asking them to do—the job that they’re actually performing.”

Josh Cantwell, COO, GRAND Mental Health

“AI helps us to drive revenue, but perhaps more importantly, it can help us recruit and train new staff.”

Hattie Tracy, President & CEO, Coleman Health Services

“We knew Eleos was something that was going to make us different and make us stand out when we’re trying to attract clinicians who are in scarce supply.”

Dr. Dale Klatzker, CEO, Gaudenzia Home

Loved by providers. Backed by science.

We take science seriously. In fact, we have an entire clinical team dedicated to testing our technology in real-life behavioral health treatment environments—and then publishing peer-reviewed studies on our findings. Here’s a taste of what our research has revealed.

80 %

Less time spent on documentation

Eleos Outreach decreases note completion time from 10–20 minutes to 2–6 minutes, meaning providers can realistically document their sessions between appointments.

64 %

Faster time to submission

Completed notes flow directly into the EHR, where providers can quickly review and submit documentation once they regain EHR access.

90 %

Less job-related stress

Field-based providers who use Eleos Outreach report an average 90% reduction in daily stress levels compared to what they experienced prior to implementing Outreach.

< 1 hour

Training time 

New users can get up and running in minutes. Thanks to Eleos Outreach’s intuitive interface and seamless workflow, training is a breeze.

Ready to see how Eleos Outreach helps field-based providers and case managers focus more on care—and less on ops?

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