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Solving the workforce challenge

Don’t let operations get in the way of what matters most: providing the care that everyone deserves. Let clinicians do the work only they can do. Let Eleos take care of the rest.

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CareOps Automation

Eleos integrates and automates the entire behavioral care workflow to support clinicians. Secure ambient in-session data collection enables the digitization of conversations between clinicians and consumers. These form the backbone for intelligent Natural Language Understanding analysis, intervention tracking and ongoing insight formation.


More Care. Less Note-taking.

Clinicians have too much work to still be forced to spend copious amounts of time noting it all down. Eleos enables ambient data collection at the time of treatment. No more overtime spent logging session details. No more oversights. No more stress.

Now notes are clinically detailed. Session summaries come instantly. Clinicians focus on care.

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Convenient, consolidated, compliant.

Automated financial administration enables clinics to reduce unnecessary backwards and forwards while staying on top of compliance obligations and reducing clawbacks. No more chasing tails trying to get documents in order.

Compliance is assured. Non-billables are reduced. Payments are secure.


Intelligent Assistance. Added Insight.

With in-depth session breakdowns now arriving immediately after each session ends, there’s no more delays and no more backlogs. The entire course of treatment is analyzed, categorized and quantified. Clinicians gain insight into their treatments and support in the work only they can do.

Treatment becomes trackable. Outcomes become reliable. Care becomes quantifiable.

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Embed within your existing HealthIT infrastructure.

Empowered clinicians. Proven results.

“ Eleos Health enables us to pull the admin
function out of the therapeutic relationship
and show clinicians their impact. ”

Carl Clark, MD President & CEO, WellPower

“ Knowledge without data is opinion. We need to have data-informed organization at every level. Eleos provides that to us. ”

Dr. Dale Klatzker CEO, Gaudenzia Home

“ AI helps us to drive revenue, but perhaps more importantly, it can help us recruit and train new staff ”

Hattie Tracy, President & CEO, Coleman Health Services

Put the focus back on care.

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