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More Synchronization. Less Aggravation.

Close gaps in care, identify best practices and infuse them back into your clinical workflow. When conversation is the treatment, Eleos is here to help.

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CareOps Automation

With one central source of truth, Eleos unlocks the true value of value-based care. CareOps Automation identifies the smallest clinicial building blocks, compares them to member-reported outcomes, and translates it all back into useful, usable insights for clinicians to reincorporate across your network. Now you manage care longitudinally, increase consumer NPS and lower medical loss ratios. All while improving outcomes.


From conversation
to case file

Automated intelligence-gathering highlights SDoH issues in conversations, closes gaps in care, lowers medical loss ratio, and increases consumer NPS. Support case managers and clinicians in the work only they can do.

Siloed conversations become actionable insights. Treatment becomes trackable. Care becomes synchronizable.


From intervention to evidence

Eleos unlocks value-based care by passively running in the background during sessions to generate performance data on the usage of evidence-based practice. Throughout the course of treatment, clinical interventions are identified automatically with ambient intelligence-gathering.

Conversations become performance indicators. Treatment becomes trackable. Care becomes quantifiable.becomes synchronizable.

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From paperwork to peace

Reduce the time they spend documenting treatment by 36% when Eleos does it for them with secure ambient collection and clinical AI. There’s a tsunami of demand for behavioral health services. It’s time we treat clinicians like the scarce resource that they are.

Conversations become performance indicators. Treatment becomes trackable. Care becomes quantifiable.

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Integrate with your existing HealthIT infrastructure.

Empowered clinicians. Proven results.

“ Eleos Health enables us to pull the admin
function out of the therapeutic relationship
and show clinicians their impact. ”

Carl Clark, MD President & CEO, WellPower

“ Knowledge without data is opinion. We need to have data-informed organization at every level. Eleos provides that to us. ”

Dr. Dale Klatzker CEO, Gaudenzia Home

“ AI helps us to drive revenue, but perhaps more importantly, it can help us recruit and train new staff ”

Hattie Tracy, President & CEO, Coleman Health Services

Behavioral care meets medical care. Now synchronized.

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