We care

Today, more people than ever are speaking publicly about their mental health.

Whether its ourselves, our friends and family or even public figures, taking care of your behavioral health is no longer taboo. It’s vital.

Its embraced. It’s transformative.

It’s human.

We wanted to help

To help people, to help clinicians, to help our family and friends. To help ourselves get better help.

We wanted to give clinicians the support they need to do the work only they can do.


Using technology to support.


Using data to empower.


Using insights to advance.

Empowering the world’s most effective behavioral care
through data, measurement, and personalization.

Meet The Leadership

Alon Joffe

Chief Executive

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Dror Zaide

Chief Operating

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Alon Rabinovich

Chief Technology &
Security Officer

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Dr. Shiri Sharvit

Chief Clinical Officer

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Yaar Reuveni


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Merav Ben Ari


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Moshe Meroz

VP Finance

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Julie Merritt

VP Sales

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Jennifer Gridley

Senior Director of Marketing

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Advised by the best

Dr. David Shulkin

Ninth Secretary of US Department of Veterans Affairs

Dr. Denise Ernst

Motivational Interviewing Expert

Dr. Anupam B. Jena

Professor of Health Care Policy, Medicine at Harvard Medical School

Dr. Dennis Morrison

Owner, Morrison Consultancy

Dr. Abigail Hirsch

Former Chief Clinical Officer, MyStrength (Teladoc)

Douglas Kim

Former CRO, Kyruus, Cogito, Pegasystems. Fellow at MIT.

Prof. Steven D. Hollon

Gertrude Conaway Vanderbilt Professor of Psychology

Dr. Simon Rego

Chief Psychologist, Montefiore Medical Center

Prof. David M. Clark,

National Clinical and Informatics Advisor for the IAPT program, NHS

Backed by the best

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Eleos is always there by clinicians’ side

clearing the way for them to provide better care.


them from red tape.


them to spend more time with people.


them to focus more on treatment.


them to care.

Lifelong learning


We are Proud to Present the State of Care Intelligence Report The provision of behavioral healthcare has stayed mainly unchanged since its inception in the 19th century. With heavy demands on clinicians’ time and limited resources for tracking outcomes, the struggle to map client progress can seem insurmountable...


How a Large Behavioral Health System

Like health care organizations across the country, a large behavioral health system located in Tennessee struggled to retain clinical staff during the COVID-19 pandemic. Turnover of clinical staff reached over 20% which affected client outcomes. Clients wanted consistent care from people they trust. Staff morale suffered as the remaining...


5 Tips for engaging

As a digital health startup transforming behavioral healthcare with voice-based AI insights, our Eleos Health team has witnessed and executed many technology implementations. We find that disseminating new technology is more than just installing a new system and providing a training session. It requires a holistic ...