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Free up providers to focus on care with AI built for behavioral health.

Turn behavioral health conversations into automated documentation and detailed clinical insights with Eleos Health—the behavioral health-specific AI platform created with the industry’s largest dataset of real-world treatment sessions.

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“This is the first time I’ve participated in a technology that’s really eased the burden of paperwork.”

Karen Fleming, Clinical Psychologist, Coleman Health Services

Karen Fleming, psychologist for Coleman Health Services gives testimony on Eleos AI documentation solution

“It has been refreshing to see how well Eleos notes capture the therapy process.”

Matt Spencer, Chief Clinical Officer, GRAND Mental Health

Matt Spencer COO Grand Mental Health discusses AI solution for behavioral health

“I hear appreciation of Eleos from our clinical staff all the time. Every day I get comments about the accuracy, how well it captures and generates the suggestions from their sessions, and how the analytics they receive from each session have helped them in developing a more personalized treatment plan. It just reaffirms that implementing Eleos was a really great move for our agency.”

Lisa Kreis, Chief Operations Officer, NorthEast Washington Alliance Counseling Services (NEWACS)

Lisa Kreis testimonial for Eleos behavioral health solution

“Eleos is well worth the investment—for compliance, for your staff and their overall happiness in their jobs, and for the outcomes of the individuals that you’re serving.”

Hattie Tracy, President and CEO, Coleman Health Services

Hattie Tracy testimonial for AI documentation solution

Take organizational performance to the next level with clinically validated AI.

Automate note-writing, alleviate provider burnout, elevate care quality, and boost your bottom line with Eleos Health: the most widely-deployed AI platform in behavioral health.

Cut documentation time in half with embeddable, EHR-agnostic AI.

Embedding seamlessly into most EHRs via a simple browser extension, Eleos Health leverages Augmented Intelligence and behavioral health-specific machine learning models to generate 70% of progress note content, reducing provider documentation time by more than 50%.

Double client engagement and drive 3-4x better outcomes.

Backed by peer-reviewed clinical research, our AI technology not only empowers providers to be more present with clients, but also serves up session-specific insights to support better care delivery, more informed treatment plans, and higher-impact provider education and training.

Protect and grow revenue with automated compliance support.

Scale compliance review efforts and optimize note suggestions to meet regulatory requirements from the get-go. Plus, boost revenue and cash flow by helping providers document every billable service and submit 90% of their notes within 24 hours.

Eleos Scribe

For Desktop

Equip behavioral health teams with the operational support they need to provide better care. Optimized for both audio and non-audio inputs, Eleos Scribe automatically transforms raw conversations or shorthand session notes into comprehensive progress note suggestions and detailed clinical insights—reducing administrative burden and giving providers the information they need to deliver the best possible care.

Optional: Take your supervision, training, and performance improvement efforts to the next level with Eleos Replay. In addition to all the features you get with Scribe, Replay offers the ability to securely capture, store, and review session recordings and transcripts. (Client consent required.)

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Eleos Outreach

For Mobile

Simplify on-the-go documentation for field-based providers and case managers who don’t have regular access to their EHR. Eleos Outreach uses sophisticated, purpose-built AI to help providers document efficiently from any mobile device—reducing administrative work and helping ensure every service is recorded and submitted for payment.

Providers using Eleos Outreach reduce documentation work by 80%, submit notes 64% faster, and report an average 90% reduction in daily stress levels compared to what they experienced prior to implementing Outreach.

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See why Eleos is the most widely-used AI platform in behavioral health.

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