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In the behavioral health space, the burden of documentation is a key driver of provider burnout. Recognizing this, the leadership team at Gaudenzia, Inc., set out to find an innovative solution that would free their existing staff from unmanageable administrative demands and create an employee-first environment—ultimately helping them not only attract top talent in an increasingly competitive hiring market, but also consistently deliver high-quality client care experiences.

In 2022, Gaudenzia rolled out Eleos Scribe—an embeddable, EHR-agnostic documentation automation solution—across the organization with full staff buy-in and virtually zero disruption to existing workflows.

Check out this case study to learn how Eleos Scribe helped Gaudenzia:

  • Reduce provider documentation time by 50%.
  • Average 4.4 hours to submit a note.
  • Increase the use of evidence-based techniques by 35%.