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The Complete Guide to Behavioral Health AI Implementation

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If you aren't tech-forward, you're falling behind.

The behavioral health providers who care for our communities deserve the best we can give them. Providing them with technology that makes it easier to do what they do best – help people – is no longer optional.

This guide provides you with a four-part roadmap to structure your tech-forward journey, with tips for evaluating your organization’s readiness.

Learn how to mobilize the resources and get the buy-in you need to become a tech-forward behavioral health organization.

Get best practices in selecting and implementing the right technologies from leading behavioral health organizations.

More Care, Less Ops with CareOps Automation

The CareOps Automation platform is the most specialized and comprehensive AI solution in behavioral health. Automate documentation, alleviate provider burnout, and elevate care quality with Eleos Health.

Spend 50% less time on documentation.

Providers accept 80% of Eleos documentation suggestions and use them to populate 70% of progress note content, speeding up documentation and reducing provider burnout.

36% more evidence-based care.

Providers receive objective insight into care themes and modalities, driving self-reflection and improvement.

90% of notes submitted within 24 hours.

By reducing the documentation backlog to virtually nothing, organizations can avoid costly denials due to late submission.

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