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The Challenge

ReachLink is a leading provider delivering high-quality and cost-effective mental health and substance abuse treatment via its cutting edge tele-behavioral health platform.

ReachLink’s reliance on manual documentation made it a challenge to increase clinicians’ productivity and see more clients in need of quality care.

The Outcome

9Thanks to Eleos Health, ReachLink has managed to cut documentation time by 42% and improved the quality and compliance of documentation reducing audit risks.

Reachlink is a leading provider delivering high quality and cost-effective mental health and substance abuse treatment via its cutting edge tele-behavioral health platform


ReachLink is growing, and growing fast. Since COVID-19 started many more people are searching for tele-behavioral health services and ReachLink and its clinicians have experienced that first-hand. ReachLink knew that on average their clinicians spend 12.7 minutes writing a single progress note that adds up to 1 whole day per week!

“Due to COVID-19, the demand for telehealth services has accelerated dramatically. As patients, providers, and payors adapt to this “new normal,” Eleos Health has been instrumental in ReachLink’s strategy to unlock value and provide high-quality experiences for our customers.”

James Farese,

In order to meet this growing demand, it was clear to James Farese, CEO at Reach Link, that “opening this bottleneck without compromising on the compliance of our documentation processes was key to unlocking ReachLink’s further growth and further improving quality of care.”


Before Eleos, ReachLink clinicians spent an average of 12.7 min writing progress notes for a 60 min therapy session. Both teams worked with a structured onboarding process to make any needed customizations and maintain ReachLink’s existing templates.

This successful process yielded a reduction from 12.7 to 7.3min on average (42.5% reduction):

“Eleos enabled ReachLink clinicians to see 20% more patients and reduce clinical administration tasks by 1-2 hours per day while continuing to improve our standard of care.”

Tamara Gorfine – Petrelli

Eleos’ unique technology leverages state-of-the-art advancements in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Voice Al to therapist-client interactions in near real-time, providing clinical insights for clinicians and automatically generating the baseline for their progress notes.


focused on providing the best care possible When ReachLink’s clinical team looked at their standard of care, they asked a few key questions:

  1. How satisfied are our clients with the service we provide?
  2. How can we ensure we provide evidence-based care?
  3. If so, who is improving and which clients are not-on-track for improvement?

Prior to Eleos, ReachLink clinical staff relied only on manual data entering from its clinicians.

Using the Eleos Care Intelligence solution the team is now able to answer (A) what’s the level of satisfaction across the organization? (B) what is the client improvement rate? and (C) what is the usage of evidence-based practice?

“Eleos expands ReachLink’s visibility into outcomes by analyzing data from both the clinician and patient. This insight helps to inform how we provide feedback, match clients to therapists, and even strengthen provider-payor relationships by quantifying our value in a very tangible way to create a context for enhanced reimbursements.”

James Farese, ReachLink Founder and CEO, added.


James sees the relationship between ReachLink and Eleos continuing to grow over the coming years. Eleos enables Reachlink to demonstrate its clinical outcomes to health plans and payors without adding more administrative work, but actually reducing it, all without changing current clinical workflows:

“Eleos is a win from both a business and clinical standpoint. ReachLink will continue to work with Eleos as we scale to continue providing high-quality and cost-effective mental health treatment solutions.”

Thanks to Eleos, ReachLink is even more of a truly data-driven behavioral health provider.

Eleos Health empowers your clinicians workflow and allows them to focus on what matters most.

  • In-session actionable clinical insights
  • Between-session outcome measurement Automatic progress notes generation
  • HIPAA compliant and EHR integrated


Eleos Health is powering the future of behavioral care. Eleos Health’s Care Intelligence solution empowers clinicians by allowing them to focus on care personalization, rather than data collection and drive data-driven treatment at scale. Eleos Health is trusted by leading health systems, telehealth companies, community-based centers, and other provider organizations. With Eleos Health, customers reduce their documentation time, accelerate remission rates, and reduce burnout and staff turnover rates for their clinicians.