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Attract Clinicians. Demonstrate Outcomes.

Meet your growth plans, attract new clinicians and set your clinical teams up for success. Eleos alleviates their administrative burden, reduces churn, and improves outcomes. Treat more consumers and watch them improve faster than ever before.

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CareOps Automation

By digitizing all in-session conversations, Eleos is always there by clinicians’ side. Identifying interventions, gleaning clinical insights, practicing true evidence-based care. The fully integrated and automated platform covers the entire care workflow. Secure Natural Language Processing allows clinicians to focus on care while you focus on growth.


A paper trail without the paperwork

Clinicians should be focused on clinical work, not red tape. With secure ambient collection and Voice AI, Eleos takes the burden off the shoulders of clinicians. Produce your required documentation, without any manual input.

Intake is automated. Progress notes are clinically detailed. Session summaries come instantly.

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Claw back your clawbacks

Nothing affects your bottom line more than clawbacks. With Eleos, you stop focusing on reducing them and start preventing them all together. Save time, money, and endless follow-ups with Eleos automating your financial administration.

Compliance is assured. Payments are secure. Outcomes are demonstrable.


From interventions, to insights, to improvements

Support clinicians by letting them do the work only they can do. Eleos allows for the ambient collection of all session conversations, using Natural Clinical Understanding to create in-depth breakdowns. Interventions are identified and tracked alongside outcomes throughout the course of treatment.

Insights become inspiration. Treatment becomes trackable. Care becomes quantifiable.


Integrate with your existing HealthIT infrastructure.

Empowered clinicians. Proven results.

“ Eleos Health enables us to pull the admin
function out of the therapeutic relationship
and show clinicians their impact. ”

Carl Clark, MD President & CEO, WellPower

“ Knowledge without data is opinion. We need to have data-informed organization at every level. Eleos provides that to us. ”

Dr. Dale Klatzker CEO, Gaudenzia Home

“ AI helps us to drive revenue, but perhaps more importantly, it can help us recruit and train new staff ”

Hattie Tracy, President & CEO, Coleman Health Services

It's time to grow month-over-month.

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