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Eleos Scribe

The AI documentation assistant reducing burnout in behavioral health

Equip behavioral health teams with the operational support and insights they need to provide better care. Eleos Scribe automatically transforms raw conversations into progress note suggestions, reducing operational burden by cutting documentation time in half. 

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Elevate care outcomes with CareOps Automation.

With a CareOps Automation solution like Eleos Scribe, behavioral health organizations not only relieve providers from endless paperwork—they also unlock unprecedented visibility into staff activity, performance, and caseloads. All of that means happier providers, higher retention rates, and healthier clients.

How Eleos Scribe
Helps Care Providers

Alleviate the burden of paperwork with documentation automation.

Intelligent progress note suggestions enable providers to focus on having conversations instead of taking notes. Leveraging both session-specific voice analysis and historical documentation patterns, Eleos Scribe automatically generates 70% of progress note content—reducing documentation time by more than 50%.

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Level up care quality with automated session intelligence and analytics.

Eye-catching, user-friendly session analytics help providers objectively assess their performance and identify opportunities to improve. This leads to more informed care plans, better adherence to evidence-based treatment protocols, and greater provider investment in their own professional development.

Boost strategic planning and training efforts with detailed leadership reporting.

Analytics dashboards equip leaders with unprecedented visibility into staff activity, caseloads, and performance—as well as key population health metrics and trends. This empowers organizations to provide more targeted provider training and development—and take more meaningful action to improve care quality and access.

Simplify adoption with embedded technology that matches EHR workflows.

Eleos Scribe embeds seamlessly within existing electronic health record (EHR) workflows for in-person or telehealth-based sessions across individual and group session formats—no APIs or integration required. Plus, our easy onboarding and implementation process enables users to get up and running quickly.

Trusted by thousands of behavioral health providers

“Eleos Health enables us to pull the admin function out of the therapeutic relationship and show clinicians their impact.”

Carl Clark, MD President & CEO, WellPower

“Eleos makes clinicians’ job better, it makes their job doable, and it makes the job that I think they’re doing—that I’m asking them to do—the job that they’re actually performing.”

Josh Cantwell, COO, GRAND Mental Health

“AI helps us to drive revenue, but perhaps more importantly, it can help us recruit and train new staff.”

Hattie Tracy, President & CEO, Coleman Health Services

“We knew Eleos was something that was going to make us different and make us stand out when we’re trying to attract clinicians who are in scarce supply.”

Dr. Dale Klatzker, CEO, Gaudenzia Home

Loved by providers. Backed by science.

We take science seriously. In fact, we have an entire clinical team dedicated to testing our technology in real-life behavioral health treatment environments—and then publishing peer-reviewed studies on our findings. Here’s a taste of what our research has revealed about the impact behavioral health AI has on operations and clinical care.

50 %

Less time spent on documentation

Eleos Scribe populates 70% of each progress note within 3–5 minutes of session completion, and providers accept 80% of automated suggestions.

36 %

More evidence-based care

Providers receive objective insight into care themes and modalities, driving self-reflection and improvement.

5 X

Average financial return over 3 years

Organizations not only free up providers to see more clients, but also reduce costs associated with denials, clawbacks, and staff churn.

2 X

Better client engagement vs. treatment as usual

When providers no longer have to worry about taking notes during a session, they can focus more on the client in front of them.

3-4 x

Better symptom reduction vs. treatment as usual

Increased client engagement, session attendance, and treatment adherence—combined with care intelligence—lead to better outcomes.

90 %+

Notes submitted within 24 hours

By reducing the documentation backlog to virtually nothing, organizations can avoid denials due to late submission.

Get even more visibility into care quality with Eleos Replay.

Take your supervision, training, and performance improvement efforts to the next level. Eleos Replay includes all the features you get with Eleos Scribe with the added ability to securely capture, store, and review session recordings and transcripts.

Record and store full sessions.

Review and reference previously conducted sessions to drive more meaningful conversations between supervisors and the providers they manage. (Note that clients must consent to having their sessions recorded.)

Add comments directly in the system.

Make feedback more contextual by attaching comments to specific sections of dialogue. Tag providers to review comments and complete any follow-up tasks—like reading a particular research article or registering for a training course.

Track provider progress objectively.

Quantify the impact of your staff supervision and development efforts—and offer positive reinforcement to providers—by comparing insights from past sessions to more recent sessions.

Ready to see how Eleos Scribe helps behavioral health providers focus more on care—and less on ops?

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