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It’s time to create a better telehealth experience for providers and clients alike.

Virtual care has opened a world of possibilities for behavioral health access, convenience, and consistency. But it also comes with challenges—especially with respect to client engagement.

In this webinar, we explored how combining the power of AI along with innovative patient engagement and telehealth solutions can increase productivity while improving the provider and client experience.

Watch this on-demand webinar to hear from Coleman Health Services, a mutual customer leveraging both Eleos and Mend—and to see this combined solution in action.

During this 1-hour recording, you’ll get the complete rundown on this winning healthcare tech equation from:

  • Hattie Tracy, CEO of Coleman Health Services
  • Warren Bates, CEO of Mend
  • Katie Blackwell, AVP of Partnerships at Eleos
  • Christian Nupp, Sr. Director of Solutions Engineering at Eleos
  • Christine Chiang, Regional Account Executive at Mend

Viewers can expect to:

  • Explore the problems that mental and behavioral health organizations are solving with advanced technology.
  • See the real-world results Coleman has achieved with Eleos and Mend.
  • Identify how to effectively implement and drive tech adoption with staff.
  • Witness a demo of these innovative solutions in action.