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Workforce shortages, compassion fatigue, and ever-increasing workloads pose serious challenges for behavioral health providers. Now, more than ever, organizations must find the right tools to enhance clinical workflows and unify these tech systems to alleviate provider burden.

In this on-demand webinar, we explore how leveraging the power of AI within your EHR can increase productivity while improving the employee experience. Watch now to hear directly from two organizations leveraging both Eleos and Welligent—and to see this combined solution in action.

During this 1-hour recording, you’ll get the complete rundown on this winning healthcare tech equation from:

  • Tom Foster, Director of IT at Hillsides
  • Mindy Beamesderfer, CIO of Community Services Group – CSG
  • Andy McCraw, President at Welligent
  • Whitney Baywal, Sr. Director of Partnerships at Eleos

Viewers can expect to learn how Eleos Health + Welligent helps providers:

  • Lighten their administrative load.
  • Decrease their daily stress levels.
  • Drive higher-quality care.