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Sample AI Policy for Behavioral Health Organizations

The benefits of purpose-built AI in behavioral health are undeniable. But the rapid expansion of this technology has many organizations scrambling to effectively manage its use.


Which AI platforms are acceptable to bring into a healthcare environment? When and how should staff leverage them? And as AI technology continues to evolve, who is responsible for reviewing and adjusting internal guidelines?


Developed in collaboration with Centerstone, this AI policy template answers all of those questions and more. Simply download the document, customize the content to your organization, and lay the foundation for efficient and responsible AI usage for years to come.

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Ensure Responsible and Secure AI Usage

The reality is that your staff will use AI whether you actively manage it or not—and some probably already are. Get ahead of problematic AI usage now by laying a strong framework for your team to follow.

See best practices for safely and effectively leveraging AI in both clinical and business functions.

Learn how to form an AI governance committee—including which roles should be involved.

Discover practical strategies for communicating AI guidelines across your organization.

Get Ahead of the AI Curve with a Platform Built for Behavioral Health

Eleos Health’s AI tools were built by behavioral health professionals, for behavioral health professionals—with all the nuanced ethical and clinical considerations in mind. The results speak for themselves, and that’s why we’re proud to be the most widely deployed AI platform in the space.

50% less time spent on documentation.

Providers accept 80% of Eleos documentation suggestions and use them to populate 70% of progress note content, speeding up documentation and reducing administrative burden and staff burnout.

36% more evidence-based care.

Providers receive objective insight into care themes and modalities, driving self-reflection and improvement.

90% of notes submitted within 24 hours.

By reducing the documentation backlog to virtually nothing, organizations can avoid costly denials due to late submission.

Bring your behavioral health organization into the AI future confidently with Eleos.

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