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Training Therapy Students on AI Technology

Study Supports Training Therapy Students on AI Tech Like Eleos

Everyone knows the pandemic forced wider adoption of all things digital. While the jury’s still out on some of the technological mainstays resulting from that shift—lookin’ at you, QR code menus—the benefits of many now-ubiquitous conveniences are hard to ignore. In the healthcare space—particularly behavioral health—technology has flourished in the wake of long-gone social distancing […]


AI and Patient Engagement: A Behavioral Health Technology Solution for the Future (and the Present!)

Your behavioral health technology stack should be bigger, they said. You should use technology to make your life easier, they said. Technology is going to clean up all of your inefficiencies, they said. Technology A solves for problem Z. And Technology B solves for problem Y. But unfortunately, the developers of Technology A and Technology […]

Grant Writing Toolkit

There’s a growing pool of financial support from both government and private entities to drive technological advancement in health care. After all, there’s objective proof that platforms like Eleos can boost client engagement, improve care outcomes, and enhance employee satisfaction and retention. But grant writing can be overwhelming and time-consuming—leaving you to wonder if it’s […]

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