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  • Providers of behavioral health services face high levels of burnout due in part to administrative burden, staffing shortages and increasing client caseloads
  • Augmented intelligence helps address these workforce challenges while expanding and improving care

BOSTON and GLADSTONE, Ore., July 27, 2023Eleos Health, the leader in CareOps automation for behavioral health, and the Oregon Council for Behavioral Health (OCBH), a state-wide non-profit association whose focus is to promote, develop and maintain the highest-quality community programs and services for the treatment of problems related to behavioral health, today announced a partnership aimed at educating OCBH member organizations about using Eleos Health’s augmented intelligence technology to minimize operational and administrative burdens. The goal of this agreement is to help behavioral health providers in Oregon better manage their day-to-day workflows while improving the quality of care they provide.

As the demand for behavioral health services increases, so too is the prevalence of issues related to staffing, workload and burnout in the behavioral health space. With healthcare providers spending upwards of 30% of their time on administrative tasks like documentation, automation and AI technologies like Eleos Health are poised to make a considerable impact in reducing the burden of these operational responsibilities — while also increasing client engagement and care quality.

“As in many states across the country, Oregon’s behavioral health system is significantly underfunded, and providers are overburdened with outsized client loads and increasing paperwork requirements,” said Heather Jefferis, Executive Director, OCBH. “To help bring more life-saving prevention and treatment services to more clients in need — and to improve the care experience for providers and clients alike — we are excited to make a solution as innovative as Eleos more accessible to our member organizations.”

Behavioral health organizations across the country are increasingly turning to technology as a pathway toward addressing workforce challenges and enhancing care quality. Eleos Health’s augmented intelligence and CareOps Automation platform, for example, has been shown to reduce time spent on documentation by 50%, increase the use of evidence-based treatments by 36% and drive three to four times better symptom reduction compared to treatment as usual.

“The cost of provider burnout extends far beyond the expenses directly tied to staff turnover,” said Alon Joffe, CEO and Co-Founder of Eleos Health. “Burnout ultimately hampers the healthcare system’s ability to not only serve every client in need, but also provide them with the high-quality care they deserve. Eleos can help providers more easily fulfill otherwise time-consuming responsibilities like documentation — freeing them up to focus more of their time and energy on what really matters: helping their clients. We’re honored to bring our transformative technologies to more providers and organizations doing such important work in Oregon.”

OCBH members are eligible for discounted implementation fees with Eleos Health. Learn more here. For more information about Eleos Health, visit


About Eleos Health

Eleos Health turns behavioral health conversations into documentation and intelligence that drives better care. Using proprietary, voice-based Natural Language Understanding (NLU) technology built by clinical experts to accurately interpret, analyze and document behavioral health conversations, Eleos reduces the operational burden on providers while unlocking objective insights into evidence-based care and the therapeutic alliance. Leadership teams can scale supervision and training while gaining unprecedented visibility into staff activity, caseloads and performance as well as population health. Eleos is the only technology of its kind that embeds seamlessly into electronic health records (EHRs), telehealth tools and existing provider workflows. With Eleos CareOps Automation, behavioral health providers are setting a new standard for care.

About OCBH
OCBH advocates for a legislative agenda that assures Oregonians access to treatment and care with a focus of promoting, developing and maintaining the highest-quality community programs and services for the treatment of problems related to behavioral health and to promote the recovery of Oregonians with substance use disorder and/or psychiatric disabilities. For more information, visit


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