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  • Behavioral healthcare providers, already burdened with increasing documentation needs, have hit a wall as the need for mental health care outstrips the amount of providers available
  • Eleos AI captures key conversation notes, automatically generating 50% of required documentation, reducing time clinicians spent on administration by more than 50%
  • Eleos doubled its reach in behavioral health in 2022, now serving providers in communities across 17 states

BOSTON, February 17, 2023 Eleos Health, the leader in CareOps Automation for behavioral health, is celebrating its third anniversary by taking a look back at the major impacts it had on the behavioral health community during the past year. Using augmented intelligence to help clinicians reduce the time they spend on documentation and administrative work, Eleos gives clinicians more face-to-face treatment time with clients. Eleos achieved a record breaking year, doubling its customer base to more than 30 leading behavioral health organizations across 17 states (an expansion of nine states). Eleos has now saved a total of 260 full, 24-hour days of documentation time to date for clinicians across the country.

Behavioral health providers are straining to keep up with the increased demand for their services, with self-reported burnout rates among psychiatrists at 78%. The increasing documentation and administrative workload are major factors contributing to burnout. Clinicians can spend up to 35% of their time documenting patient data. Writing progress notes creates hours of work for providers, placing more pressure on organizations with high caseloads and staff vacancy rates that can exceed 40%. 

This diverts time and focus from client care and exacerbates the time and energy shortage, compounding clinician issues. Providers may have difficulty staying present during conversations because they have to focus on note-taking, which distracts them from actual patient interaction. Altogether, this adds unnecessary costs to the U.S. healthcare system, the practices, and patients themselves.

Eleos’ augmented intelligence works alongside providers, overlaying mainstream electronic health records (EHRs) and capturing key session content in real-time, freeing therapists to improve the connection with their clients. The platform also autonomously shows how clinical interventions like cognitive behavioral therapy are used in-session; identifies keywords, themes, and moments; reports clinician listen time vs. talk time; and client improvement rate. 

Use of Eleos helped providers increase the average number of evidence-based techniques used per session by over 30%. It also dramatically improved summarization of key moments from behavioral health sessions. Eleos suggestions now make up 50% of submitted progress notes and clinicians accept an average of 80% of Eleos suggestions.

Eleos continued its expansion in behavioral healthcare in 2022, forming a partnership with the Zero Suicide Institute (ZSI) to improve suicide care and completing a suicide risk factor analysis in partnership with Coleman Health Services. Eleos also launched a partnership with The Echo Group to embed Eleos within the EchoVantage EHR.

Additional highlights from the year include:

  • Secured $20M series A funding, bringing total funds raised to $28M. 
  • Formed a Customer Advisory Board, composed of leaders from Gaudenzia, Inc., Community Services Group, and Coleman Health Services and Trilogy Behavioral Healthcare.
  • Grew the company’s employee base by 70%. 
  • Completed its first randomized controlled trial (RCT) demonstrating that patients of providers using Eleos in a community mental health center setting were 2x more engaged in care and achieved 3-4x better symptom improvement versus treatment as usual (published paper expected in 2023).
  • Published papers in:
    • JMIR in collaboration with Dr. Simon Rego of Montefiore Health System: A Comparison Between Clinical Guidelines and Real-World Treatment Data in Examining the Use of Session Summaries: Retrospective Study.
    • Frontiers in Psychiatry in collaboration with Kate Kellogg of MIT Sloan School of Management: Pragmatic AI-augmentation in mental healthcare: Key technologies, potential benefits, and real-world challenges and solutions for frontline clinicians.

“Our goal last year for Eleos was to increase the impact we’re having on the care systems that serve communities in need. Results have shown just that –  a visible improvement in clinician workload and patient outcomes,” said Dror Zaide co-founder and Chief Operations Officer at Eleos Health. “With clinicians stressed and overburdened, patients simply aren’t going to receive the best care possible. In 2023, we’re looking to continue our impact through new, innovative products so that we can support more professionals and solve more problems.” 

Insights from Eleos enhance clinician skills, provide better outcomes, share information with clients transparently, and help them develop better coping skills. Learning from Eleos’ session intelligence can holistically improve the implementation of evidence-based practices and treatment planning for the client, as well as easily highlight medical necessity. 

About Eleos Health

Founded in 2020, Eleos Health turns behavioral health conversations into documentation and intelligence that drives better care. Using proprietary, voice-based Natural Language Understanding (NLU) technology built by clinical experts to accurately interpret, analyze and document behavioral health conversations, Eleos reduces the operational burden on providers while unlocking objective insights into evidence-based care and the therapeutic alliance. Leadership teams can scale supervision and training while gaining unprecedented visibility into staff activity, caseloads and performance as well as population health. Eleos is the only technology of its kind that embeds seamlessly into electronic health records (EHRs), telehealth tools and existing provider workflows. With Eleos CareOps Automation, behavioral health providers are setting a new standard for care.


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