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Free up providers to focus on care with AI built for behavioral health.

Turn behavioral health conversations into automated
documentation and detailed clinical insights with Eleos Health—
the CareOps Automation platform created with the industry’s
largest dataset of real-world treatment sessions.

Augment care with CareOps Automation.

Automate documentation, alleviate provider burnout, and elevate care quality with Eleos Health's CareOps Automation platform: the most specialized and comprehensive AI solution in behavioral health.

50 %

Less time spent
on documentation

Providers accept 80% of Eleos documentation suggestions and use them to populate 70% of progress note content.

36 %

More evidence-
based care

Providers receive objective insight into care
themes and modalities, driving self-reflection
and improvement.

90 %

Notes submitted
within 24 hours

By reducing the documentation backlog to virtually nothing, organizations can avoid denials due to late submission.

Embed automated documentation directly into your EHR workflow.

Speed up adoption and drive staff buy-in with our flexible, embeddable technology. Whereas traditional software integrations involve complex custom builds that can take months to finalize, Eleos seamlessly overlays your EHR via a simple browser extension. That way, providers can start using it almost immediately after implementation—with zero disruption to their existing workflows.

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Cut provider documentation time in half.

Free up providers to focus less on note-taking—and more on delivering exceptional client care. Eleos Health’s documentation automation technology leverages Augmented Intelligence and behavioral health-specific machine learning models to generate 70% of progress note content, reducing provider documentation time by more than 50%.

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Hire and retain the best behavioral health talent.

Position your behavioral health organization as an employer of choice with a tool that’s proven to alleviate one of the biggest causes of provider stress: documentation. Plus, increase staff satisfaction and fulfillment when you leverage our deep session insights and leadership reporting to inform more meaningful coaching and professional development initiatives.

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Take care quality and outcomes to the next level.

Bring providers back to the reason they got into behavioral health in the first place: helping their clients live better, fuller lives. In addition to mitigating documentation overload, our Augmented Intelligence technology serves up user- and session-specific insights—supporting better care delivery, more informed treatment plans, and higher-impact provider education and training. Research shows that providers using Eleos achieve 2x higher client engagement, 3–4x better symptom improvement, and 36% greater usage of evidence-based techniques.

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Protect and grow revenue with compliance support.

Scale documentation review efforts to proactively identify billing and compliance issues before they turn into claim denials and clawbacks. Plus, configure note suggestions to meet your organization’s specific payer and regulatory needs from the get-go, so providers are set up to document correctly the first time, every time—and claims are optimized for first-pass acceptance and payment.

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How CareOps Automation Works

Eleos isn’t just artificial intelligence—it’s Augmented Intelligence. We developed our healthcare AI models using a wide range of real behavioral health treatment sessions across multiple settings and specialties. These models not only undergo continuous testing and validation by a diverse group of in-house clinical experts, but also adjust and improve based on individual user behavior.

Plug us into your existing workflow.

Our implementation crew will get to know your services, providers, and existing tech solutions so we can create an Eleos experience that embeds seamlessly into your current processes.

Start using our intuitive CareOps Automation platform.

Turn on Eleos and let our specialized behavioral health AI models work their magic to cut documentation time in half and deliver intelligent session insights that drive improved care.

Get better output the more sessions you complete with Eleos.

Our Augmented Intelligence models continuously learn and improve based on your interventions, note selections, and edits. The more you use Eleos, the more useful it becomes.

See CareOps Automation in action.

Get a glimpse of Eleos Health's CareOps Automation technology and how it transforms the care experience for behavioral health providers, organizations, and clients.

Who Benefits from Behavioral Health AI

It takes a lot of people across a lot of different functions to run a successful behavioral health organization, and CareOps Automation helps them all do their jobs better and faster. Here’s how.

Field-based Providers

Equip on-the-go providers and case managers with Eleos Outreach, our mobile-first documentation solution built specifically for field-based behavioral health staff.

Office-based Providers

Streamline documentation and deliver intelligent care insights for both in-person and telehealth sessions using our flagship CareOps Automation solution, Eleos Scribe.


Review and reference detailed session insights to give team members more contextual feedback and pinpoint specific opportunities for improvement with Eleos Replay.

Clinical Leaders

Drive better care quality, client outcomes, and evidence-based practice fidelity by freeing providers from administrative distractions and serving up timely treatment insights.

Operations Leaders

Crank operational efficiency up a notch with a solution that not only cuts documentation time in half, but also scales compliance review and data reporting efforts. 

HR Leaders

Win the race for top talent by positioning AI innovation as a competitive advantage. Plus, enhance satisfaction, retention, and training and development programs for existing staff.

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