More Care. Less Ops.

Eleos integrates and automates the entire behavioral care workflow. Freeing clinicians from operational burdens, letting them focus on care itself.

The care we want to provide becomes the care we actually deliver.

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Compromising on care is not an option

The more people keep pouring in, the more operations keep piling up, swallowing every waking hour clinicians have. Ops are essential. But we can’t let operations get in the way of what matters most: Providing the care that everybody deserves.


CareOps Automation

The fully integrated and automated platform covers the entire care workflow. Digitizing conversations with in-session natural language understanding to glean clinical evidence-based insights. Eleos is always there by clinicians’ side.


Free clinicians
from red tape

With secure ambient collection and Clinical AI, Eleos takes bureaucracy off the shoulders of clinicians. Time consuming intake and progress notes included.

Now notes are clinically detailed. Session summaries come instantly. Quality of care improves.

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Reduction in
documentation time


Make clawbacks a
thing of the past

Automated financial administration saves clinics time, money and endless chasing. Clinicians are saved from non-billable work and compliance is simple.

Compliance is taken care of. Non-billables are reduced. Payments are secure.

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Reduce compliance
risk by


Quantify session
interventions over time

Automated intelligence gathering creates in-depth breakdowns, identifying interventions and outcomes throughout the course of treatment. Supporting clinicians in the work only they can do.

Supervision becomes simple. Treatment becomes trackable. Care becomes quantifiable.

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Increase usage of
evidence based care by

Attract & retain your clinicians

When clinicians have less paperwork,
there’s more focus.

When clinicians have a work/life balance,
there’s less stress.

When clinicians are supported,
there’s no more burnout.


Reduction in
annual turnover

The future of behavioral healthcare is here

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Has you covered

Integrated with your EHR and telehealth

Care setting agnostic

Safe & Secure

HIPAA, SOC2, and HITRUST compliant

Empowered clinicians. Proven results.

“ Eleos Health enables us to pull the admin
function out of the therapeutic relationship
and show clinicians their impact. ”

Carl Clark, MD President & CEO, WellPower

“ Knowledge without data is opinion. We need to have data-informed organization at every level. Eleos provides that to us. ”

Dr. Dale Klatzker CEO, Gaudenzia Home

“ AI helps us to drive revenue, but perhaps more importantly, it can help us recruit and train new staff ”

Hattie Tracy, President & CEO, Coleman Health Services

Insights and Best Practices

Care Insights

We are Proud to Present the State of Care Intelligence Report The provision of behavioral healthcare has stayed mainly unchanged since its inception in the 19th century. With heavy demands on clinicians’ time and limited resources for tracking outcomes, the struggle to map client progress can seem insurmountable...


Case Study

Like health care organizations across the country, a large behavioral health system located in Tennessee struggled to retain clinical staff during the COVID-19 pandemic. Turnover of clinical staff reached over 20% which affected client outcomes. Clients wanted consistent care from people they trust. Staff morale suffered as the remaining...


Best Practices

As a digital health startup transforming behavioral healthcare with voice-based AI insights, our Eleos Health team has witnessed and executed many technology implementations. We find that disseminating new technology is more than just installing a new system and providing a training session. It requires a holistic ...


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