Drowning under a pile of paperwork: Behavioral health clinician burnout

The paperwork that comes with a behavioral health practice can be seen as a necessary evil. Documenting case notes is not only an important element to charting patient progress, depending on the clinical setting it can be key for reimbursement. But as the requirements for documentation are growing, does the additional administration come at a […]

What is evidence-based behavioral healthcare and why does it matter?

That healthcare requires clinical evidence to support its effectiveness is a well-established principle in physical healthcare. No one would use a treatment or medication that had not been rigorously tested and peer-reviewed. However, in the behavioral health arena, this same standard is not found. There is a growing movement to attempt to apply the same […]

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It’s time for therapists to use data, as doctors do

As we head into the final quarter of this most bizarre year, anxiety and depression are palpably on the rise everywhere. Worldwide, social isolation brought on by stay-at-home and physical distancing measures, fear of contagion and grief for lost loved ones, compounded with loss of income and unemployment on a massive scale have exacerbated a brewing global […]

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