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When Colorado-based Mental Health Partners (MHP) first decided to launch Eleos Health’s CareOps Automation platform, Kate Benedetto, Manager of Enterprise Applications, posed an important question: How do we implement this new Augmented Intelligence technology mindfully?

Kate Benedetto summarizes the steps Mental Health Partners took to achieve a mindful implementation of AI technology.

During a webinar she co-hosted with Eleos and Streamline Healthcare Solutions, Kate addressed that question by providing a series of steps for achieving a successful AI rollout, which we’ve summarized below.

Step 1: Ease pushback by emphasizing the value of the technology upfront.

As Kate explained, clinicians often bristle at new software out of concern that it will only add to their already-demanding workload. So, before you even show them the technology, it’s important to communicate the benefits.

According to Kate, that includes highlighting the fact that Eleos “will integrate with their current software and make their lives easier!”

She noted that Eleos uniquely allows clinicians to “engage at the client level, while simultaneously supporting the documentation piece.”

Kate Benedetto emphasizes the importance of nurturing provider buy-in during the initial rollout and training phase.

To strengthen your argument even more, share stories from other organizations and providers who have experienced the game-changing power of CareOps Automation. For example:

Step 2: Document your current provider workflows.

Before starting the implementation process, Kate says behavioral health orgs should map out their current provider workflows. “Understanding clinician workflows helps you have a better idea of how this software will not only integrate with your clinicians and how they’ll use it, but also how it will help you as an agency,” she said.

Ideally, your new software will present as little disruption as possible. The easier it is for providers to use the tool within their existing clinical and operational process, the better the chances that it will “stick.”

Step 3: Take stock of your tech stack.

Eleos Health’s flagship CareOps Automation product, Eleos Scribe, is a lightweight browser extension that embeds directly within virtually any EHR system—including Streamline, which MHP uses.

From an IT perspective, that made the implementation of Eleos incredibly easy—which was very intentional on MHP’s part. “The ‘lift’ has been really minimal,” Kate said.

Kate added that investigating system compatibility early on in the AI software selection process will prove crucial to the ease of implementation. In her words, “Know your inventory.”

Step 4: Choose your launch group with intention.

A constructive mindset informed MHP’s selections for their initial launch group. They wanted to test out implementation with a diverse array of users across a range of technological ability and tenure. 

Kate’s motto throughout the initial launch was simply, “You don’t know what you don’t know.” She continually asked the group for suggestions, probing with questions like, “What is working?” And, “What is challenging?”

Kate Benedetto talks about the benefits of conducting a “pilot” of your new AI technology before moving forward with a full rollout.

Step 5: Drum up enthusiasm during training.

Training isn’t just about teaching providers how to use the software—it’s also an opportunity to build excitement around the technology and its potential to impact clinicians and clients alike.

So, make your training sessions fun—and give participants plenty of opportunities to ask questions and offer feedback. After staff training at MHP, Kate says that within an hour, four clinicians were already “starting their sessions and doing mock sessions with other therapists.”  

As she explained during the webinar, “that level of engagement out of a small pilot…is fantastic.”

Kate Benedetto recalls how excited and engaged MHP’s initial launch group was immediately after they finished training on Eleos.

Step 6: Celebrate!

As she wrapped up her part of the webinar, Kate reminded attendees that a huge part of a mindful implementation is celebrating the progress you’ve made and what this achievement means for the future of your organization. “Celebrate that you rolled out something that is meant to support your clients, your community, and your colleagues—because at the end of the day, those are the three things that are the most important,” she said.

We couldn’t agree more.

Want to learn more about MHP’s implementation of Eleos?

Watch the full recording of Eleos Health’s AI implementation webinar, where Kate teamed up with our Training and Customer Success crew to take a deep dive into lessons learned from MHP’s AI rollout. Check it out here.