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Eleos Health teams up with Palo Alto University to implement its behavioral therapy AI engine in clinical training

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Digital health startup Eleos Health is partnering with Palo Alto University (PAU) in California to implement its voice-based artificial intelligence (AI) in PAU’s eClinic. The eClinic will use the Eleos Health platform to provide a closed feedback loop to therapists-in-training which will help them improve their skills and learn from supervision faster than traditional methods.

The eClinic at PAU has a unique model for teaching students how to incorporate novel digital technologies into their practice. Master’s and Doctoral students in the eClinic routinely use mental health apps and other cutting-edge technologies in the virtual treatment they provide.

As part of this endeavor, eClinic students will use Eleos Health’s proprietary AI model to deliver their sessions, implement measurement-based care practices, and receive immediate feedback on the therapist-in-training and the client’s progress. Further, the clinical supervisors mentoring the students will be able to utilize the platform to accelerate training. With its actionable empirically-based insights, Eleos Health’s AI engine identifies which treatment techniques have been used in the therapy session and offers the therapists feedback on their own utilization of suitable interventions.

Donna Sheperis, a Professor at PAU and the Director of the PAU eClinic, said: “Therapy has always been an art and science. What we can do with the Eleos Health partnership is increase the science behind the art! AI is the new wave of data management in health care settings and we see the need to train our students early in this practice so they can lead the way in their employment settings.”

Dr. Shiri Sadeh-Sharvit, Eleos’s Chief Clinical Officer, added that “when the students currently trained at the eClinic graduate, they would reach a field thirsty for additional experts providing state-of-the-art therapy, given the gap between the demand for mental health services and available therapists. At the same time, the clients’ expectations have dramatically changed in the past two years. Merely providing treatment via telehealth is not enough anymore. Similar to other health services, clients expect their therapist to use sophisticated data analysis tools to augment the care provided, increase the treatment alliance, and drive better outcomes to benefit the client and their community. We are proud to partner with the eClinic at PAU which has been a center for digital innovation in the field.”

Eleos’ Care Intelligence solution has already been deployed in numerous programs across the U.S., including large health systems, community-based mental health centers, and academic training programs such as Yeshiva University.

About Eleos Health

Eleos Health has pioneered the new category of ambient Voice AI workflow solutions to drive operational and clinical efficiency for behavioral health providers. Eleos’ advanced AI-based Care Intelligence solution runs securely in the background of therapy sessions to digitize auto-generated notes, analyze hundreds of data parameters within each session and provide real-time insights related to the delivery of evidence-based care. Clinicians can use this data to improve care for clients while reducing their documentation burden. Eleos Health leverages this shared knowledge of community therapists, clinicians, academics, hospitals, and researchers to deeply understand what is working for every person and power the future of personalized behavioral health.

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