Eleos Health teams up with Palo Alto University to implement its behavioral therapy AI engine in clinical training

Digital health startup Eleos Health is partnering with Palo Alto University (PAU) in California to implement its voice-based artificial intelligence (AI) in PAU’s eClinic. The eClinic will use the Eleos Health platform to provide a closed feedback loop to therapists-in-training which will help them improve their skills and learn from supervision faster than traditional methods. […]

Payviders: Just a Buzzword or a Strategic Trend? How the Payvider can offer a strategic advantage in behavioral health

What is a Payvider? Payviders, a combination of payers and providers, refers to organizations that both deliver health care and finance health benefits. It’s essentially a buzzword for the health care version of vertical integration. Payviders are not new – Kaiser Permanente is probably the most well-known example – but the topic resurfaced in a […]

5 Tips for Engaging Clinicians in Successful Technology Implementations

As a digital health startup transforming behavioral healthcare with voice-based AI insights, our Eleos Health team has witnessed and executed many technology implementations. We find that disseminating new technology is more than just installing a new system and providing a training session. It requires a holistic approach that uses change management to create a cultural […]

2021: A Break-Out Year Of Growth For Eleos Health

The Year In Review 2021 for Eleos Health brought record growth across market traction, customer and user adoption, and team growth. We retained 100% of our customers and achieved a 3,600% increase in recurring revenues. With the significant growth in revenue, Eleos Health expanded our team by 250% including several key hires. Eleos Health Achieves […]

Founder Stories: How Becoming a Drone Pilot led to Eleos Health

At first glance, the move from drone pilot to co-founder and chief operating officer of a behavioral health digital start-up may seem unusual. For Dror Zaide, the shift was a natural progression of his experience. His time as a drone pilot informed the need to develop voice-to-insights to help clinicians deliver better quality care. Zaide […]

Cigna Analysis Demonstrates Behavioral Health Services Result in Savings on Total Cost of Care

Earlier this month Cigna subsidiary, Evernorth released a new analysis of the effect of behavioral health treatment on the total cost of care. The analysis compared pre-and post-treatment medical, behavioral, and pharmacy claims of over 275,000 individuals with commercial health insurance who were newly diagnosed with a behavioral health condition. When individuals received outpatient behavioral health services, […]

New data shows the growing clinician shortage in behavioral health

Pre COVID, 46.6M American adults struggled with a behavioral health condition; these numbers have now spiked. We are talking about one in three adults in the U.S. who have reported symptoms of anxiety or depressive disorder during the pandemic. We are in a national behavioral health crisis. Clearly, the pandemic has pushed the demand for behavioral […]

HEDIS measures for behavioral health: what are they and why clinicians should care

One hundred and nineteen million Americans are enrolled in healthcare plans that report HEDIS results, making it one of the most widely used performance tools in US healthcare. HEDIS measures are used to create a standardized measurement for healthcare provision across different systems. HEDIS measures for behavioral health are impacting how care is provided and what […]

Eleos Health Announces Appointment of Leading Industry Experts to Board of Advisors

Eleos Health, the first company to provide Care Intelligence Solution for Behavioral Health, announced today that Dr. Dennis Morrison and Mr. Niall Brennan have joined the company’s board of advisors. With a wealth of knowledge in behavioral health, clinical workflow integration, healthcare economics and clinical data, the new advisors were chosen to help Eleos capitalize […]

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