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Let’s give frontline providers more.

Our frontline behavioral health providers deserve more. More of their time focused on helping people. More opportunities for training and development. More space to deliver the best care possible and be fully present with their clients. And with advances in new technology such as AI, more becomes possible.

But AI can seem like a scary new frontier. What’s real, what’s fiction, and who can you trust?

On September 13, 2023, Eleos Health hosted a joint webinar with Oregon Council for Behavioral Health, where light was shed on the ways in which AI can support and enhance the work of behavioral health clinicians while debunking common misconceptions.

Viewers can expect to:

  • Discuss  how to leverage tech-forward strategies such as AI to address today’s challenges.
  • See how augmented intelligence can cut admin time by over 50%, allowing providers to focus on meaningful client interactions.
  • Understand how AI distills conversations into key insights, supporting value-driven care.
  • Discover the limitations of AI and the crucial role human providers play in decision-making and care personalization.
  • Learn about Eleos Health products like Scribe and Outreach, which ease operational burdens for both in-office and field-based providers.