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The Productivity Predicament: 6 Alternative Approaches to Performance Management in Behavioral Health

With the demand for mental health services rising steadily—and ongoing workforce shortages putting providers in a seemingly perpetual squeeze—the pressure to optimize all available treatment time has never been more real. The problem is, the push for higher appointment volumes doesn’t always support the mission to deliver effective mental healthcare. In fact, strict numbers-based “productivity […]

The Facts Behind the Fizzle: What Science Reveals About Behavioral Health Burnout

In March 2020, like many of my colleagues, I found myself navigating the dual roles of clinical psychologist and parent while grappling with an unprecedented global crisis.  As the pandemic unfolded, virtual therapy took over, and I felt grateful that my behavioral health program was able to adapt our services to COVID-19’s social distancing requirements. […]

Turning the Tide on Provider Burnout: How Behavioral Health AI Solves Major Workforce Challenges

Burnout in the behavioral health field isn’t anything new—providers have always grappled with the emotional toll of dealing with trauma and mental illness. But a perfect storm of factors—including the lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the rise in mental health issues among young people, and the loneliness epidemic recently acknowledged by the Surgeon General—have […]

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