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Problems with Workplace Culture in Behavioral Health

Culture Clash: 5 Ways to Ruin Your Behavioral Health Work Environment

The irony of many behavioral health workplaces is that even as the providers on staff help their clients thrive, they themselves are often shouldering more stress than they can handle. Turnover in many of these organizations isn’t just high; it’s basically a revolving door—and the pressures for remaining staff mount faster than a therapist can […]

The Facts Behind the Fizzle: What Science Reveals About Behavioral Health Burnout

In March 2020, like many of my colleagues, I found myself navigating the dual roles of clinical psychologist and parent while grappling with an unprecedented global crisis.  As the pandemic unfolded, virtual therapy took over, and I felt grateful that my behavioral health program was able to adapt our services to COVID-19’s social distancing requirements. […]

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