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  • Community behavioral health clinics are drowning in patient volume and documentation requirements, leading to burnout and limiting access for patients who need help
  • A new clinical trial shows that AI-supported behavioral health therapy significantly improves mental health outcomes while reducing time spent on paperwork
  • AI gives therapists powerful insights to treat patients and accelerate treatment  progress

BOSTON, July 11, 2023Eleos Health, the leader in CareOps Automation for behavioral health, today announced the findings of a clinical trial demonstrating better patient outcomes for therapists who used Eleos’ augmented intelligence (AI). The study found that in AI-supported therapy with Eleos, patient attendance was two times higher and symptom improvement was three to four times better compared to treatment-as-usual (TAU). The study, “Effects of an Artificial Intelligence Platform for Behavioral Interventions on Depression and Anxiety Symptoms,” was published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research.  

America is in the middle of a mental health crisis. Almost 60 million adults live with a mental illness. An estimated 31.1% of the population will experience an anxiety disorder during their lifetimes, while 8.4% will battle through a major depressive episode. But as more people seek mental health services, they encounter a shortage of available mental health professionals. Clinicians are also experiencing burnout, complicating their ability to effectively treat their patients. Therapists desperately need a helping hand to continue serving their communities at a high level. 

AI has stepped in as a relief valve. A silent partner that assists therapists in their everyday work, AI addresses therapist needs by providing feedback that can be used to guide future sessions. This includes helping therapists adhere to proven measurement-based care practices by objectively analyzing sessions and identifying interventions used, themes and key moments. AI also creates preliminary notes for documentation and compliance, significantly reducing administrative burdens so therapists have more face-to-face time with their clients. 

The randomized controlled trial was conducted at The Ozark Center, a community clinic in Missouri using Eleos Health. The trial included 47 adults in outpatient cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for depression or anxiety over two months of therapy. Therapists using Eleos saw a 67% increase in patient session attendance, a 34% reduction in depression symptoms (versus 20% in TAU), and a 29% decrease in anxiety symptoms (versus 8% in TAU). Therapists using Eleos submitted their progress notes 55 hours earlier than TAU.   

“Workforce shortages and the need to bring relief to clients as quickly as possible have motivated our team to find the most efficient and effective treatment available. The Ozark Center clinicians who use Eleos augmented intelligence have clients who feel better faster and stay in treatment longer than those who do not,” said Del Camp, Chief Clinical Officer of The Ozark Center. “As Eleos augmented intelligence becomes more widely available to our clinical staff, sessions will become more transparent to our supervisors, aiding in our training and creating a safer practice environment for clients, clinicians, and the organization as a whole.” 

Eleos Health was developed to support frontline behavioral health providers. By generating documentation suggestions that populate more than 70% of the progress note, Eleos gives therapists more time to help make real-world improvements in their patients’ lives through direct engagement. Feedback from Eleos also provides enlightening insights to providers that help them improve patient outcomes. 

“Regional community behavioral health organizations are hugely important to the overall mental health of communities across the country, but the therapists serving these communities shoulder an immense amount of work and stress to address patient needs,” said Alon Joffe, CEO and Co-Founder of Eleos Health. “By empowering therapists with AI we can relieve compliance burdens and provide helpful feedback that equips community clinics with the tools they need to best treat their patients.”

Read the full study in JMIR here

About Eleos Health

Eleos Health turns behavioral health conversations into documentation and intelligence that drives better care. Using proprietary, voice-based Natural Language Understanding (NLU) technology built by clinical experts to accurately interpret, analyze and document behavioral health conversations, Eleos reduces the operational burden on providers while unlocking objective insights into evidence-based care and the therapeutic alliance. Leadership teams can scale supervision and training while gaining unprecedented visibility into staff activity, caseloads and performance as well as population health. Eleos is the only technology of its kind that embeds seamlessly into electronic health records (EHRs), telehealth tools and existing provider workflows. With Eleos CareOps Automation, behavioral health providers are setting a new standard for care.


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