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Training Therapy Students on AI Technology

Study Supports Training Therapy Students on AI Tech Like Eleos

Everyone knows the pandemic forced wider adoption of all things digital. While the jury’s still out on some of the technological mainstays resulting from that shift—lookin’ at you, QR code menus—the benefits of many now-ubiquitous conveniences are hard to ignore. In the healthcare space—particularly behavioral health—technology has flourished in the wake of long-gone social distancing […]

The Productivity Predicament: 6 Alternative Approaches to Performance Management in Behavioral Health

With the demand for mental health services rising steadily—and ongoing workforce shortages putting providers in a seemingly perpetual squeeze—the pressure to optimize all available treatment time has never been more real. The problem is, the push for higher appointment volumes doesn’t always support the mission to deliver effective mental healthcare. In fact, strict numbers-based “productivity […]

New Eleos Research Links Homework Follow-up to Improved Therapy Outcomes

Homework has always been part of the therapeutic process. Whether it’s a formal, “This week you’ll practice mindfulness every morning”—or a casual, “What if you learned to paint?”—homework serves as a bridge between a client’s therapy sessions and their daily life. As Amy Schroll, licensed counselor and clinical director at Trilogy, puts it, “Most therapists […]

The Convincing Case for Specialized AI in Behavioral Health

“The shoemaker makes a good shoe because he makes nothing else.” This Ralph Waldo Emerson quote might be close to 150 years old, but wow—what a perfect metaphor for the power of specialization. And in the century-plus since Emerson’s time, shoe fabrication has grown even more specialized. The largest manufacturers—think Nike and Adidas—have entire divisions […]

7 AI Must Haves in Behavioral Health

Comparing Healthcare AI Platforms: 7 Must-Haves for Any Behavioral Health Organization

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is quickly transforming how behavioral health services are delivered and managed. By automating routine tasks, predicting patient behaviors, and delivering data-driven insights, AI is helping clinicians provide more effective and efficient care. In the complex and nuanced field of behavioral health, such tools are indispensable. But not all AI platforms are created […]

Turning the Tide on Provider Burnout: How Behavioral Health AI Solves Major Workforce Challenges

Burnout in the behavioral health field isn’t anything new—providers have always grappled with the emotional toll of dealing with trauma and mental illness. But a perfect storm of factors—including the lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the rise in mental health issues among young people, and the loneliness epidemic recently acknowledged by the Surgeon General—have […]

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