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How AI is Changing the Game for Field-based Behavioral Health Providers

Hear real-world stories from Trilogy about the value of Eleos Outreach for field-based community outreach and case management.

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On-the-go workflows require on-the-go technology.

For community outreach providers and case managers, keeping up with the needs of the community while balancing administrative responsibilities is not easy. When you’re constantly on the go, documentation work piles up quickly and can fall through the cracks, impacting care delivery and leading to lost revenue. Watch the webinar to learn how purpose-built AI technology can help.

Watch the webinar to hear how Trilogy overcame common challenges in community outreach and case management.

Learn about Trilogy’s experience co-developing and deploying Eleos Outreach, including the significant improvements in documentation and staff satisfaction they were able to achieve.

Understand the potential return on investment (ROI) in technology for their organization, and get inspired for how technology investments could streamline your own organization.

“I wish all new technology implementation was this easy.”

~ Amanda Rankin, COO, Trilogy Behavioral Health