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Many mental health providers don’t have the training needed to help someone who is experiencing suicidal ideations. And even with training, providers need a better toolkit for delivering evidence-based treatments in real-world situations.

Advances in technology offer new opportunities to improve suicide care and create a brighter future for our communities.

On October 19, 2022 at 10 am PT/1 pm ET, Zero Suicide Institute, Eleos Health, and Coleman Health Services hosted a joint webinar moderated by Dennis P. Morrison, Ph.D.

Attendees learned:

  • How to improve suicide risk detection and measure the use of evidence-based practices outlined in the Zero Suicide methodology
  • How Eleos Health’s CareOps Automation tools deliver augmented intelligence that can support evidence-based care, reduce administrative work and enable providers to be more present with clients 
  • How Coleman Health Services is driving innovation in suicide care in collaboration with Eleos Health and Zero Suicide Institute

To access the replay, click below! You can also access additional resources and download the slides.