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Not all healthcare AI is created equal.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is reshaping the landscape of behavioral health as we know it—offering task automation, data-driven insights, and clinical decision support to facilitate more effective and efficient care.

But with all of the hype surrounding AI, how does the tech-forward leader separate fact from fiction and determine what tech capabilities can truly make a difference for their organization?

In this webinar, a panel of tech experts—including Amanda Rankin, LCSW, Customer Insights Lead at Eleos Health; Brandon Ward, PsyD, CIO and VP of Information Systems at Jefferson Center; Rony Gadiwalla, CIO at GRAND Mental Health; and Cally Cripps, VP of IT and Business Analytics at Aurora Mental Health & Recovery—dive into 7 nonnegotiable AI features for behavioral health organizations.

Viewers can expect to:

  • Understand the must-have technical features and capabilities of any healthcare AI platform.
  • Discover why platforms built specifically for behavioral health are the gold standard in our industry.
  • Explore the impact of high-quality training and support, customization options, and a provider-centric approach to development.