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CIO Summit 2024 Recap

Where Behavioral Health CIOs Stand on AI in 2024

Healthcare IT leaders are some of the biggest unsung heroes in the biz. (Okay, as a tech company, we might be a bit biased, but hear us out.) The healthcare industry—and behavioral health, specifically—is notoriously “left behind” on the tech advancement curve. As the speed of innovation has accelerated, the gap between tech-at-large and healthcare […]

Coleman Health Services Slashes Documentation Time by 70% with Eleos

For the leadership team at Coleman Health Services, people are the number-one priority. They believe the best way to ensure clients receive top-notch care is to keep providers engaged and satisfied. But with mounting documentation requirements, they needed a new way to stay on top of paperwork—and thus avoid burnout, delayed notes, and compliance issues. […]

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