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Eleos Health Teams Up with Zoom to Deliver Care Intelligence for Zoom Meetings

Eleos Health

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Category:  Press releases

BOSTON, July 21, 2021 — Eleos Health, the leading company in Care Intelligence software for behavioral health, is teaming up with Zoom Video Communications, Inc. as part of the new Zoom Apps launch. Eleos Health’s application provides users seamless access to real-time insights that help clinicians and clinical teams provide data-driven treatment in this new era of remote care.

This is an essential step for Eleos Health’s strategic focus on helping providers prepare for the future of behavioral care.

The Eleos Health application for Zoom enables behavioral health clinicians to focus on providing personalized care for their clients rather than on data entry and the administrative burden. Eleos Health empowers clinicians by integrating data and insights about their workflow directly from Eleos Health to Zoom and vice versa. Key benefits and capabilities include:

  • Accelerate preparation time for your next client: Want to know what your client cares about? Don’t remember where you left off? The Eleos Health application curates and surfaces relevant information from previous sessions to get you immediately up to speed.
  • Stop worrying about note-taking: Allow yourself to focus on what matters most – your clients. The Eleos Health application will capture, transcribe, and summarize your sessions for you, freeing up hours of much-needed time.
  • Boost better outcomes with actionable clinical insights: The Eleos Health application for Zoom also provides unique insights about your use of evidence-based techniques and interventions to optimize the delivery of quality care. 

“The pandemic has brought a tsunami of demand for behavioral health services, however, we are witnessing a growing gap in supply, with 4.5M behavioral health professionals in shortage by 2025.” said Alon Joffe, CEO of Eleos Health. “We must reduce their administrative burden in order to solve this national behavioral health crisis. We are providing a seamless Zoom experience that enables our superheroes to focus on their consumers and patients” 

“We want to make the telehealth process as easy as possible while allowing clinicians to integrate key observations and insights seamlessly into their workflow,” said Ross Mayfield, Product Lead, Integrations at Zoom. “This is why we are so excited to feature Eleos Health in the launch of Zoom Apps.”

About Eleos Health

Eleos Health has pioneered the new category of ambient VoiceAI workflow solutions to drive operational and clinical efficiency for behavioral health providers. Eleos’ advanced AI-based Care Intelligence solution runs securely in the background of therapy sessions to digitize auto-generated notes, analyze hundreds of data parameters within each session and provide real-time insights related to the delivery of evidence-based care. This results in clinicians’ ability to see more consumers and improve access to care. Eleos Health leverages this shared knowledge of community therapists, clinicians, academics, hospitals, and researchers to deeply understand what is working for every person and power the future of personalized behavioral health. Visit Eleos.Health for more information or follow us on Linkedin.

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