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Let’s give frontline providers more.

Our frontline behavioral health providers deserve more. They want to spend more of their time helping people. They want more opportunities for training and development. They want to deliver the best care possible and be fully present with their clients. Eleos Health believes that with less ops, more becomes possible. 

Advances in technology offer new opportunities to support frontline providers and leadership teams. These technologies can help to free providers from ops, unlock visibility into care quality and scale training and supervision. 

On August 29, 2023, at 2pm CT, Eleos Health hosted a joint webinar with Texas Council of Community Centers to discuss the inner workings of this technology and how it’s impacting real behavioral health providers, organizations, and clients. Follow the link below to watch the full recording now.

Viewers can expect to:

  • Hear why Texana Center chose to partner with Eleos
  • Discuss augmented intelligence technologies in behavioral health 
  • Explore how Eleos Health CareOps Automation reduces admin work by 50%+
  • Identify new opportunities to address workforce challenges while also improving the client experience and care quality