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Applying Augmented Intelligence to Workforce Challenges and Care Delivery

Learn how Texana Centers uses augmented intelligence technology to empower providers and alleviate the burden of documentation.

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With less operational burden, more becomes possible.

Our frontline behavioral health providers deserve more. They want to spend more of their time helping people. They want more opportunities for training and development. They want to deliver the best care possible and be fully present with their clients. Learn how advances in technology offer organizations the opportunity to better support their providers to do what they do best. Watch the webinar to learn more.

Learn what Augmented Intelligence technology is and the many ways it benefits behavioral health organizations.

Hear how Texana Centers chose Eleos Health and the ways they were able to measurably reduce administrative work for their team of providers.

Understand how Augmented Intelligence ultimately benefits clients by addressing workforce challenges and improving quality of care.

“Eleos is a way for us to relieve the stress on providers.”

~ Carin Shuford, Manager of Health Information Systems, Texana Center