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AI Demystified: Beating Burnout and Elevating Outcomes with Innovations in Technology

Separate AI fact from fiction and get a simple breakdown of this important innovation and how it’s changing the game on care quality and provider well-being.

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AI doesn’t have to be a scary new frontier.

As AI becomes more advanced, behavioral health organizations can start to leverage these technologies to support and enhance the work of their clinicians. But what are the facts and who can you trust? This webinar with Oregon Council for Behavioral Health helps debunk common misconceptions and sheds light on how AI can support and enhance the work of behavioral health clinicians. Learn more in the webinar.

Hear discussions on how to leverage tools like AI to address today’s challenges, and learn how Augmented Intelligence can cut administrative work by more than 50%.

Understand how AI distills conversations into key insights, supporting value-driven care and allowing providers to focus on driving more meaningful client interactions.

Discover the limitations of AI and the crucial role human providers play in decision-making and care personalization.