Why We Started Eleos Health


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Watching the people we love and care about the most struggle with mental health conditions can be a formative challenge. For the three of us –Alon Joffe, Dror Zaide, and Alon Rabinovich–it became a call to action.

We each got there via different paths. I, Alon (Joffe), served in an elite combat search and rescue unit of the Israel Air Force. My friends and I took part in many traumatic emergencies in the field. Some of my closest army buddies completed their service years ago, but still re-live stressful situations every day, a form of PTSD.

For me, Dror, the mission to find better care for bipolar disorders is very close to home: growing up I experienced firsthand how bipolar highs and lows affect everyone in the family setting.

And as for me, Alon Rabinovich, being there for a close friend who hit rock bottom was very, very difficult.

The pain we each saw on our separate journeys through difficult mental health challenges brought the three of us together. But we’ve also realized that accessible quality care can provide hope.

Several years ago the three of us were taking part in an entrepreneurship program. We were asked what improvements we hoped to make in the world. In our own ways, we all said the same thing: we wanted to help people get back to wellness sooner rather than later. Each of us was on his own personal mission to make therapy better.

It was then that we knew that if we teamed up, we could help bring access to quality behavioral healthcare to millions of people. We turned to clinicians, doctors, patients, and families to find their pain points. What came up again and again? Access to care; quality of care. We knew there was a lot more that needed to be done to support behavioral healthcare providers – especially clinicians on the front line – deliver better care, more efficiently.

We soon co-founded a startup: a behavioral therapy platform that empowers clinicians with voice analysis and decision support technologies so that they can perform at their best and provide better therapy results for their patients.

We chose the name Eleos after the ancient Greek goddess of compassion. We created a patient-centric behavioral health platform that brings together evidence-based, measurement-based care and telehealth into one patient-centric, clinician-friendly platform. We built, and continue to develop, a state-of-the-art, therapy-specific, voice analysis technology that accurately identifies the two dimensions most pertinent to the two areas with the highest impact on the outcome of psychotherapy sessions: the usage of evidence-based clinical treatment strategies, and the therapeutic alliance (the connection between the client and the clinician).

Our mission has become even more urgent than we could have imagined just last year. COVID-19 has thrown the problem into stark relief: the world is in a mental health crisis, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization.

The number of people living with a mental illness is rising rapidly, while the chronic shortage of behavioral health clinicians is not effectively addressed. Mental health has been called the second wave of the pandemic. Therapists are getting burnt out as patient numbers surge.

As mental healthcare adapts to a rapidly changing world –one in which teletherapy and other forms of digital behavioral healthcare proliferate–Eleos will be there to help with evidence-and-measurement based decision support tools.

At Eleos, our vision is simple: Everyone gets the behavioral healthcare they deserve. We are on a mission to empower the world’s most effective behavioral care through data, measurement, and personalization.

By doing this, we’ll play our part in solving the global public behavioral health crisis by enabling access to quality behavioral healthcare, at a scale not currently possible.

With compassion.

Alon, Dror, and Alon.

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