Highlights from the 2020 Colorado Behavioral Healthcare Council (CBHC) Conference


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This year’s conference was vastly different than previous years, but still brimming with excellent content and information. This is the first year that Eleos Health has participated, and we were incredibly excited to partner with CBHC and get better acquainted with the network of behavioral health providers in Colorado. We were able to participate in several sessions over the three-day virtual conference and hear more about the challenges, restrictions, and incredible new ideas and innovations happening in the state.

One of our favorite sessions was with Brent James, MD, MStat, from the AEI Speakers Bureau. His session, “Doing Well by Doing Good: Using Quality to Reduce the Cost of Clinical Care” held excellent insights and warnings for the future. In 2010, an IOM expert panel found that “a minimum of 30%, and probably over 50%,” of all health care spending is qualified as waste. Some other sources now place waste levels much higher. Each year health care delivery consumes more and more of the United States finite financial resources, often to the direct detriment of other important social goods. Dr. James’ spoke about taking action against poor quality care, especially within the mental health system, therefore reducing the financial burden to the whole system.

We at Eleos Health recognize and acknowledge the impact of excellent care (or the lack thereof) makes on the entire healthcare system. That is why we have designed a world-class product that ensures clinicians provide an unprecedented level of care for their clients, helps administrators and supervisors maintain a level of control and understanding of the services being provided, generates additional revenue for clinics, and most importantly, ensures that clients get better, faster.

At our, “virtual exhibitor booth” we were able to discuss our vision for better mental health services with the conference attendees. We answered questions about the role technology plays in that future, and how Eleos’ unique solution can help clinics meet their goals and create a more sustainable and measurable environment for both staff and clients alike. One of the challenges we heard over and over again from attendees was that they simply didn’t have the means, (revenue, staff, etc.) to meet client demand.

We understand that struggle and our platform solves that problem.

Eleos Health’s real-time clinical insights empower behavioral health providers to deliver client-centric care at scale. We have pioneered the use of voice analysis to seamlessly accelerate behavioral health outcomes and empower providers. Clinicians with access to this tool have better adherence to evidence-based practices (EBPs), therefore providing a better quality of care.

They can also generate additional revenue- all while easily managing their caseload and having less of a non-billable administrative burden thanks to the accurately dictated note the platform provides after every session. The end results are clinicians that are less likely to burnout, clients that receive excellent quality of care and have a 2x remission rate, and a more efficient, revenue-producing clinical model that will set you apart from your competition and drive the results you seek.

We’re so grateful to all of the individuals and businesses in Colorado doing this great work and we can’t wait to see you at next years’ conference.

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