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Why Eleos Health?​

Keep on providing quality care while securing the smooth running of your business with the Eleos Health clinician-first Care Intelligence solution.​

Reduce No-Shows


Of no-shows are associated with negative treatment reactions, lack of client motivation and engagement in treatment

Increase treatment outcomes


Clinicians who receive feedback, on average, their outcomes increase by up to 50%

Built-in Teletherapy

Built-in, one-click, teletherapy with unlimited HD-quality sessions. HIPAA compliant included.

Minimize Dropouts & Cancellation Rates

Show your clients they are making progress. Our solution accurately and automatically identifies and highlights key metrics that drive treatment outcomes.

Teletherapy That Works For You & Your Clients

Unlimited, HD-quality, HIPAA-compliant sessions with virtual front door and dial-in capabilities.

* Eleos Health can also be used in face-to-face sessions.

Reduce No-Shows

Maintain client engagement during and in-between sessions with automated self-reports outcomes and progress charts.

See More Clients

Don’t miss that much-needed coffee break! Eleos Health auto-generate treatment reports based on your existing template – saving you 20% of your time and hassle

Drive superior outcomes
across your network with personalized behavioral care
at scale.

Discover a better way
to empower remote
clinical education.

Improve outcomes
and access to quality
evidence-based care.




Methodology Grounded in Research

RCTs have demonstrated the efficacy of measurement-based care
RCTs have demonstrated the efficacy of measurement-based care
RCTs have demonstrated the efficacy of measurement-based care

Reference: [1] Clark, D. M., Canvin, et al (2018) [2] Shimokawa, Lambert, & Smart, 2010

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